My trades on franc suisse pairs

As you know already I trade currencies but I trade longterm. That means that I can hold my positions open for weeks or even longer. In this post I wanted to give an update to my trades on Franc Suisse pairs. (more…)

Boundless Backyards

Chris Perrin, a food writer who lives near Kansas City, was trying to decide where to vacation with his family this summer.

The destination had to be kid- friendly, have decent shopping and interesting cuisine. So, he asked for recommendations on Twitter, a social networking blog.


I Know They’re Ripping Me Off But Who’s Ripping Them Off?

The Better Business Bureau reports that car dealerships are the most complained about business type with cell phone sales a very distant second. No big surprise that car dealers are the brunt of consumer complaints. Car dealers have historically had a reputation for underhanded dealings which is why the term, “car salesman” evokes images of plaid jackets, patent leather shoes and toothpick sucking shysters.


What Are You Yellow

My office is a two story building located on Route 34 in Wall New Jersey. My Internet marketing company occupies most of the second floor and there are three other companies in the building.

For the last eight weeks, each day I enter the first floor lobby I see four plastic bags sitting inside the front door. Can you guess what’s in the plastic bags? Garbage? Not exactly but very close.